Faith, Hope And Love Cancer Center Announces Acquisition Of The Most Advanced System For Image-Guided Radiotherapy And Radiosurgery

Faith Hope and Love Cancer Center today announced that it has installed a new Trilogy™ System from Varian Medical Systems, for treating cancer and neurological lesions with image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) and image-guided radiosurgery (IGRS). The Trilogy system is the most powerful, precise, and versatile treatment solution ever provided by one product. In addition to delivering conventional forms of radiation therapy, the Trilogy system can be used for stereotactic approaches for treating very small lesions quickly and with unprecedented precision. It can also compensate for any movements a patient might make during treatment, as well as normal respiratory motion. “This state-of-the-art system will enable us to treat patients with the most advanced radiotherapy techniques, using the most clinically efficient processes,” said Irene Gordon, M.D., Radiation Oncologist. “It provides us with tremendous versatility and precision for customizing treatments according to the specifics of each patient’s case.

Beam Shaping and Patient Positioning

At the core of the Trilogy system is Varian’s high-powered medical linear accelerator, a machine that rotates around the patient to deliver radiotherapy treatments from many angles. The system is able to concentrate radiation doses on the tumor while protecting surrounding healthy tissue. The Trilogy linear accelerator was designed to deliver high doses of radiation very quickly, and with great precision. That translates into faster treatments, greater patient comfort, and the potential for better outcomes. The system incorporates a multileaf collimator for shaping the radiation beam to match the three-dimensional shape of the tumor, and a robotic On-Board Imager™ device for fast, accurate, real-time tumor tracking and automated patient positioning.

Tumor Motion

The Trilogy system also includes technologies that help the Radiation Oncologist with tumor motion during treatment. A set of optical guidance cameras monitor motion in conjunction with reflective and infrared spheres enabling real time patient monitoring allowing the physician to correct for any patient movement.

Stereotactic Approaches to Treatment

The Trilogy linear accelerator is optimized for stereotactic applications that involve delivering higher doses of radiation to smaller areas over short periods of time. This means that, in addition to cancer, doctors can use the system to treat benign and malignant brain tumors, and other neurological conditions.  “Radiation therapy is used today in more than half of all cancer treatments due to its unique clinical advantages,” says Irene Gordon, M.D. “Using the Trilogy system, we have the potential to substantially improve treatment outcomes by doing a better job of protecting healthy tissue while delivering more powerful doses to tumors and other abnormalities.”